Genetic Similarities to Humans

Mollusks and human derived from the common ancestor of bilateria and because of shared ancestor, they share some similarities in their genes.

Mollusks and human are different species, but because of convergent evolution that led them to have similar genetic expression. There have been studies that proved octopus eyes are similar to humans. In their study, they used a set of 1052 genes of the octopus' eye and 13 303 genes of the human eye. For one of the research, they discovered that the protein in the eye were similar. When then compared the genes, they identified that a total of 729 genes were commonly expressed, a total of 69.3%. On other various tests,they found that six3, lhx2, retinal arrestin, retinal dehydrogenase, and human nuclear-transport receptor karyopherin were found to be expressed in the octopus eye.